The Andrews Bridge hunt is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful foxhunting country on the East coast. Our home country is located in an agricultural district in the heart of Amish territory in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and along neighboring Chester County. Primarily farmland with woodlands, we enjoy rolling hills and ample open spaces. The countryside is paneled with chicken coops, log fences, post and rails, and board fences.  Our Fair Hill country straddles Pennsylvania and Maryland and literally crosses the Mason-Dixon line. This too has rolling hills with small coverts that promotes open galloping. Our third country is at Gibson’s in the river hills of the Susquehanna with deep ravines between open farmlands. 

We hunt a pack of approxiamately 50-60 primarily Penn Marydel hounds.  Our pursuit is chasing an abundance of red fox in our farming dominated countries.  After each hunt, we post a synopsis of the day on our Facebook page.

Andrews Bridge hunts 3 days a week, Monday, Thursday, & Saturday, from early August to March 31st, and Friday evenings during September.  The formal season begins the first Saturday of November.  A second field is provide on Saturdays, for Joint Meets, and most weekdays.  During our formal season, most Saturday hunts are followed by a hunt breakfast.  Visitors are welcome and may cap 3 times a year.  

We have experienced fox hunting horses available for daily hire, and have several horse stalls available for daily or longer use.