About Us

Andrews Bridge Foxhounds (ABF) is a hunt registered with, and recognized by, the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA).  We were established in 1917, registered with the MFHA in 1917, and recognized in 1918.  Our country has three distinct territories.  The home country is in the heart of Amish farmlands in southeastern Lancaster County and across the border in southwestern Chester County.  This country is rolling hills and woodlands, approximately 15 by 20 miles, is  paneled with chicken coops, log fences, post and rails, and board fences.  The  Fair Hill country straddles the Mason Dixon line between PA and MD, is approximately 5 by 7 miles, and is primarily small coverts with rolling hills for open galloping.  The third country at Gibson's is near the Susquehanna River between deep ravines and open farmland. Our pack is 45 couple of predominately Penn Marydel hounds. We are a subscription hunt, and our season is from early August to  the end of March. We hunt three days a week, plus Friday evenings in September.  After all hunts, we publish a synopsis of the day on our Facebook page.  During the 2019-20 season, our hounds went out on 96 hunts.

We are proud of the role that we have played in our community.  We are a family of members, landowners, neighbors and friends.  We have developed a genuine rapport and relationship between our Amish and "English" neighbors.  We have been actively involved in putting thousands of acres in conservancy, and in protecting and preserving the environment, while concurrently promoting mounted fox hunting and its intimate relationship with the land.

WE INVITE YOU TO COME HUNT WITH US.  We have several experienced fox hunters for daily hire, and have horse stalls available for daily or longer use.




Mr. George Strawbridge Jr. (1970)

Mr. Stephen B. Harris (2008)

Mrs. Betsy M. Harris (2011)

Mr. William J. Kimmel (2018)

Hon. Secretary

Mrs. Betsy M. Harris, MFH

1 Mt. Eden Road

Kirkwood, PA 17536





 Huntsman : (prof) Mr. Adam Townsend

 Whippers-in: (hon) Mrs. Blair Fleischmann

(hon) Mr. Charles Fleischmann

(hon) Mr. Timothy Hoover

(hon) Mrs. Barbara L. Strang

(prof) Mrs. Lori Townsend

Chairwoman: Mrs. Fran Loftus