Andrews Bridge Foxhounds Inc. has been actively working in conjunction with the conservancies and environmental organizations that directly affect our community.  Our hunt country is intensely agricultural and has been farmed for generations by both the "English" and the Amish.  Old farming practices have caused numerous environmental stresses which have directly affected us as well as the Chesapeake Bay.  In addition to keeping our lands open and properties preserved, we have the added issues of cleaning up Ball Run, Bells Run, and the Eastern Branch of the Octoraro.  We have been teaming up with these well known conservancy and enviromental organizations, and acting as a liaison with many of our friends in the Amish community, to do this.  

Below are some of the local organizations Andrews Bridge Foxhounds is working with in our area.

Brandywine Conservancy

Mission - " Brandywine Conservancy conserves and protects the land, water, natural and cultural resources of the Brandywine-Christina watershed".

Lancaster Farmland Trust

Mission- "To preserve and stweard the beautiful, productive farmland of Lancaster County that reflects our heritage, supports our economy, protects our environment, nourishes our health, and enchances our quality of life."

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Mission: "Founded in 1971, the Alliance for the Chesapake Bay, with headquarters in Annapolis, MD and offices in Camp Hill, PA and Richmond, VA, works throughout the Bay watershed to lead, support and inspire local action and build partnerships with individuals, communities, governments, businesses, and other groups to restore the Bay watershed and its lands, rivers and streams."

Octoraro Watershed Association -

"The Octoraro Watershed Association is dedicated to protecting and conserving the natural and historical resources of the Octoraro Watershed.  The watershed covers 208 square miles and includes fourteen townships and four boroughs in Southern Chester and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania and Cecil County Maryland.  The Octoraro Creek flows into the Susquehanna River downstream from the Conowingo Dam, which in turn empties into the Chesapeake Bay.The Watershed Association was founded in 1967 by a group of Chester and Lancaster County residents dedicated to protecting water quality, promoting sound land use practices and raising environmental awareness."

White Clay Creek Preserve

The Preserve is comprised of 2,000+acres in Southern Chester County PA.

Masters of Foxhounds Association